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History & Heritage of The Mighty Moose Club

Just like how the secret formula of Coca Cola is guarded and locked away in a vault, most of the rich history and heritage of Singapore Floorball and what it is today can be traced back to an old dusty office with humble beginnings by Filip @fille.d.75 & Stefan @pstefandahlgren Dahlgren. They are the founders of The Mighty Moose Club: Moosemen & Mossettz. From their origins, many Moose Clubs followed suit: Moose Hammers, Moose Boyz, Moose Warriors, Moose Royals, IBK Dalen Moose, IBK Dalen Moose Albatoss, IBK Dalen Moose Warriors etc.

Both are the only holders of the Highest Level 4 Elite Coaching Certificate in 🇸🇬 conferred by the Swedish 🇸🇪Floorball Federation

Interesting Fact #1: Did you know that the current Black Wonder Sticks Team (BWS) was founded by Filip & Stefan as the developmental Youth Team of Moose called ZARF? It was named Z-Athletica Red Flamingoes (ZARF) before it was changed to BWS at a later date. Stefan is the owner of Z-Athletica.

Interesting Fact #2: Did you know that the Singapore Floorball Association was founded by Filip & Stefan who worked closely with Sport Singapore? The current Head Coach of 🇸🇬 National Team was coached by them.

Interesting Fact #3: Did you know that Moose Club currently holds the most number of Championships 🏆 won both in Men’s and Women’s Singapore Premier League in the history of Singapore Floorball?

We do not stick stars on our jerseys. We are Moose. We have too many.

Rudy Pierre Low

IBK Dalen Moose, Owner

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