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IBK Dalen Moose Albatross

IBK Dalen Moose & Albatross FC was officially merged on 29 October 2020 to form IBK Dalen Moose Albatross. The merger is a reflection of the direction of the club in the development of floorball athletes in both men’s & women’s divisions at the highest competitive levels.

History of Albatross FC

Albatross FC was formed in 2010 in Div 2, Singapore Floorball League. They emerged Champions 🏆 that year before promoting to the highest level in Singapore Floorball Div 1 and winning the 🏆 2011 to 2016. They are currently the defending champions of the last league held in Singapore Div 1 Women’s in 2019 🏆.

IBK Dalen Moose is currently the largest representation of Singapore Floorball with 4 registered clubs, a part of the Moose Heritage Club Est. 1998


The first and only merger in the world by an European Elite Swedish Super League (SSL) Team @ssl_se and an Asian Floorball Team since 2019


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