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IBK Dalen wins IBF Falun 2-0 by Penalties to go through to Semi Finals in 🇸🇪 🏆

Congrats to @ibk_dalen @karlsson_urban for moving forward to the Semi Finals after winning @ibffalun in penalties during the second match meetup 🔥🔥🔥

IBK Dalen’s goalie @mptegner saves all of IBF Falun’s penalty attempts to see IBK Dalen through to Semi Finals in the Swedish 🏆

First Match

IBK Dalen win IBF Falun 6-4

Second Match

IBF Falun win IBK Dalen 4-1

Overtime 0-0


IBK Dalen wins 2-0

Catch the second game highlights including the penalty showdown at:


@ibkdalenmoose @moosewarriorsfloorball @albatrossfloorball @mooseroyalsfloorball @zathletica @sgfloorballopen @livinciinterior @printeesg

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