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Ketil Kronberg stays in IBK Dalen!

IBK Dalen's team captain Ketil Kronberg has now decided to continue playing for the following season. Ketil is the player in IBK Dalen's history who has scored the most goals (367 goals).

“I am incredibly pleased that our team captain Ketil Kronberg has signed a new contract. Ketil is a player who always does his utmost for the team to succeed and he is a super guy in the team and that throughout his time in Dalen he always delivers a world-class game.” - IBK Dalen's Club Director Urban Karlsson

“After last year's season where I missed many matches after I had surgery on my hand, I of course feel a great desire to start next season with a good pre-season in the back. I think our new game system has given me a new kick and I look forward to developing the game further.” - Ketil Kronberg.

“10th season together with Ketil, what an honor and what a wonderful personality to share my time in Dalen with. Ketil is still a great army commander on the field and a wise leader and role model in our team. As a player, last season was very special and a tough challenge for him in many ways. I am impressed with the way he worked his way back and even though it got tight at the end, he still delivered a high-class floorball when it was to be decided. I look forward to having Ketil hopefully injury free all of next season and I would not be surprised if he raises his level one more level, because this man never stops convincing! I will do everything I can to push Ketil and the team so we reach the ultimate goal; to see him lift the 🏆 in the Dalen jersey.” - IBK Dalen's Coach Jonatan Brolin

IBK Dalen and Ketil Kronberg have agreed on a 1-year contract.


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