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New Signing until 2024, #18 Norman Teo

New Signing until 2024

Power Forward, #18 Norman Teo

“The Hitman”

Singapore 🇸🇬 National Field Hockey Forward

2019 Champion 🏆 POL-ITE

2019 Champion 🏆 IVP

2018 Champion 🏆 Inter-ITE

“Trust Your Struggles” - The Hitman


Official Merger with IBK Dalen, an European Elite Swedish Super League (@ssl_se) Team

A Moose Heritage Club Est. 1998


@ibkdalenmoose @moosewarriorsfloorball @albatrossfloorball @mooseroyalsfloorball @zathletica @sgfloorballopen @livinciinterior @printeesg

Official Title Sponsor

Official Media Sponsor

Official Partner

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