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Press Release - New Signing

IBK Dalen has signed Swedish national team defender Rasmus Andersson for the next season. Rasmus has taken big steps forward during his two seasons in Dalen and established himself as one of the Swedish Superliga's best defenders.

“IBK Dalen is very pleased that we have succeeded in signing a new contract with Rasmus. Rasmus has really been successful with us and I know it will only get better. He is one of the Super League's fastest players and he is incredibly important to us in both the offensive and the defensive game. It feels incredibly fun for our fans that they will continue to see Rasmus dominate in Umeå Energi Arena” - IBK Dalen club director Urban Karlsson

“I am really looking forward to a continuation in IBK Dalen. We still have a young team in the team so I just see that we will continue to take big steps forward. I have great faith in our way of playing and that this is the way we should continue to reach a Swedish Championship gold” - Rasmus Andersson.

“Wow, what a development Rasmus has had over the last two seasons! I would say that he has progressed in all respects since he came to us in the Valley. He takes on more and more in the group, has increased his endurance a lot and progressively progressively in both offensive and defensive qualities. In his defensive game, the 1-on-1 duels stand out, with the fine ability to play physically and be difficult for the opponents to meet. Offensively, he has the ability to change tempo in the right positions, fill in with timing in the attacking game and be that deadly threat when the attacks are to be decided. I am also convinced that Rasmus will develop into a national team player fully in the Dalen shirt and I am not surprised if he is a regular piece of the puzzle in the team that will take back the throne from Finland. Together with Rasmus, we will continue to develop the team and ensure that the story of Dalen has an even better end next season” - IBK Dalen Coach Jonatan Brolin

Photo Credits @ibkdalen_umea

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